The world's first rocking piano

By James Shepherd on Aug 4, 08 12:12 PM in

MUSICIANS at Riverside College have been demonstrating their belief that the piano rocks - literally.

The world's first rocking piano was recently donated to the college and can be found at the Cronton campus.


David Lloyd Motson, performance tutor, said: "I'm ecstatic, it's unique. I've wanted a grand piano since I joined the college a year ago."

He added: "But to be given one that is so visually appealing and great for performance studies is a real bonus."

The rocking instrument, named Chichi, was created by Sarah Davenport of Davenport Designers and Cabinetmakers. Sarah received the inspiration for the design after attending a furniture show in Milan.

She said: "I was frustrated with the lack of soul I found in the majority of designs whilst out there so I set out to create a design that could speak.

"Chichi was designed to inspire, therefore I am delighted the piano is going to Riverside College were it will help to teach and inspire young people."

Chichi will now play a major part in the college's A-level performance studies courses such as dance and music.

The piano will also become a main feature of the college's musicals and other productions in the future.


trevor morris said:

i am a music student of riverside college, cronton campus. i am sorry to inform you that the principle of the college won't let the music department have the piano because it won't fit through the door by half an inch or so. they wont even take off the door frame because its 'structural damage' to the college.

arrogant said:

so if i stick some rollers on a computer can i claim to come up with something that is "visually appealing and great for performance studies" what a waste of the life of a good few trees, u designed a piano u can bounce on, get a job & contribute to human kind, ur design is pathetic & your inspiration is retarded, you have plagiarised other peoples' work with the minimum of effort to pretend you have been original. you have wasted the benefit of investing in educating you, stick to stacking shevles.

jeff said:

From what I can tell, it is the article, not the designer, claiming erroneously that this is the first rocking piano. MOS Funnel was touring with their piano while this thing was in design. Not even the same ballgame. MOS Funnel is legit, this is an "art" piece, intended to be seen first, and played second.

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