And Finally... Naked mannequin law exposed!

By James Shepherd on Feb 27, 09 03:10 PM in News

A LAW banning boys aged under 10 from looking at naked mannequins in England was exposed after shops in Chester's Grosvenor Precinct left a display for all to see.

Shoppers passing the Hugo Boss store were greeted to a line-up of naked mannequins with just a shrewdly placed banner to spare their blushes.


The odd old law is just one of hundreds written in the statute book, the same list which states that it is legal to shoot a Welsh man with a bow and arrow inside the city walls, but only after midnight.

Manager of the Grosvenor Shopping Centre Julie Webb said: "Quite a few times when people are window dressing the mannequins do have to be naked but I didn't know about the law!

"I have spoken to the manager of the Hugo Boss shop and he said they are naked because they are putting a full window display up and had to strip the whole thing off.
"However, at the moment they do have bags over their heads and they are asexual mannequins."

Other unlikely laws - from a list drawn up by Swansea law firm John Collins and Partners - include the fact it is illegal to be drunk on licensed premises, it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day and bizarrely, a bed may not be hung out of a window.

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