And Finally... Glazier smashes windows to drum-up business

By James Shepherd on Mar 25, 09 11:20 AM in News

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The owner of a glass company has been arrested following a stakeout at a martial arts school plagued for months by broken windows.

Andrew Krogh, 47, who owns AA Glass and Mirror, was arrested early Tuesday morning with a slingshot and ball bearings in his possession. Krogh was driving a white van that appeared to be identical to the one caught several times on surveillance video on nights that windows were shattered.

The building's landlord, Brian Seeley, said he had spent at least $12,000 since last fall to repair more than a dozen broken windows. He said Krogh approached him late last year after the first incident.

At the time, Seeley said he could think of no explanation for the seemingly senseless vandalism. "I never thought it would be a window guy drumming up business," he said.

Seeley also owns a company that sells surveillance equipment and his cameras on the building showed a white van driving by every time a window was shattered.

Students from the Werneck Jiu Jitsu school began staking out the building waiting for the white van to return. And on the third night their efforts paid off.

As many as eight students were hiding in the area immediately surrounding the business complex at 3732 Auburn Boulevard late Monday night when they saw Krogh's van stop and make a U-turn in front. Fellow student and sheriff's deputy Jack Noble made the arrest.

Krogh runs AA Glass and Mirror from his home on Watt Avenue about a mile from the martial arts school. Reached by telephone after being released from jail, Krogh denied shooting out the windows and said he would need to talk to an attorney before saying anything further.

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