And Finally... Why adults cry so easily at animated movies

By Tony White on Oct 12, 10 11:41 AM in Entertainment

The final instalment in the Toy Story trilogy had garnered much interest when it appeared in cinemas over the summer as a result of the emotional reaction adult audiences experienced when watching the film with their offspring.

For those who haven't seen it, if focuses on the uncertain future which awaits a boy's toys after their owner has grown up and is ready to head off to college. There is a particularly perilous scene when the accidentally-discarded playthings are on a conveyor belt heading for a furnace, ramping up the emotional grip.

This isn't the first such film to elicit such a reaction, of course. Wall-E, The Fox and the Hound and Bambi are notable other examples of animated tear-jerkers and can often garner a connection at least as potent as Schindler's List.

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