And Finally... Las Vegas bulldozers don't miss an opportunity to please the tourists

By Tony White on Sep 5, 11 09:53 AM in News

The scheme is basically a very large sandpit where customers, paying $750 a time, scoop up earth, rocks and tyres, trundle around with them and dump them down again. Customers also get a chance to prove their finesse on the handles by picking up smaller, trickier items like basketballs.

"I thought it would be much clunkier, and the lighter you are with the controls, the easier it worked," said Mary Fitzsimons, a doctor from California.

Operator Ed Mumm says he started the scheme, called Dig This, after renting out plant equipment to build his house in Colorado. He enjoyed the experience of operating the machines, saying it takes people out of their everyday lives.

Mr Mumm added: "When they're in those machines, everything else doesn't mean anything. They've forgotten about all the stresses in their lives because the fact is, they've got to focus on that piece of equipment."

So the motto of the story is: 'When the economy's in a hole, start digging'.


mudlark said:

Diggerland sites have been open in Devon, Yorkshire, Durham & Kent for at least 6 years! Great day out!

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