And Finally... Fireworks display gone in 50 seconds

By Tony White on Nov 8, 11 08:54 AM in News

The show, organised by Oban and Lorn Lions, was supposed to last about half an hour, with the release of the fireworks set to music.

Unfortunately, due to a technical hitch, all £6,000 worth of fireworks went off at the same time.

Local councillor Roddy McCuish, who helped set up the show, said: "It was like daylight. It was absolutely fantastic."

When the fireworks had stopped, he thought that they had got out of time with the music. However, when Cllr McCuish was informed of what really happened, it fell to him to tell the public.

"When I did announce 'that was it', people thought I was joking," he said.

Pyro 1, The company that ran the display, apologised for the error and vowed to put on a free show on November 27 to mark the end of Oban's winter festival.

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