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A German appears to clamber stark naked into the boot of his car in a bizarre scene that has set the internet buzzing.

The man with no pants was captured by a roving camera helping to map the world for website Google Street View.

The baffling snap shows him climbing into a Mercedes at Mannheim, south-west Germany, while a dog sprawls on the driveway. One blogger kindly suggested he was simply wearing flesh-coloured shorts as he fixed a brake light.

But Google has removed the image to spare any further embarrasment.

Santa spud

Dressing a potato as Father Christmas and then blasting it up into space could have been a recipe for disaster.

It may have burnt to a crisp... or even boiled up on board the spacechip, Spudnik 2. But this incredible space mission, devised by a group of schoolchildren, was a g-astronomical success.

Crackpot Charles Bronson covered himself in butter while naked and took on 12 prison warders in his latest jail rage.

The 57-year-old flipped after growing more and more furious over his latest failed bid to be freed.

A police horse sat on football ace Dirk Kuyt's car last night and smashed his wing mirror.

The Liverpool star saw his motor damaged after parking near Anfield before his club's 3-1 win over Napoli.

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