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Remember, Remember, the 16th November!

By Banksy on Oct 29, 09 07:57 AM in

Is everyone else feeling as low as I am this week about our beloved football club?

We've seen the club flick from one disaster to another recently, and the latest one was on Tuesday night in the FA Cup, when hopes of reaching not only the first round, but second round also, were blown to pieces by Barrow - ironically, the club, Stephen Vaughan dragged into liquidation.

It must have been sweet revenge for all those from Barrow on Tuesday night, and nobody can deny that they certainly got the game by the scruff of the neck in the second half, and as soon as the first goal went in, there was never going to be any other outcome than a Barrow win.

I certainly didn't feel at 9.14pm when the game was awaiting its first goal that we would be sitting there four minutes later with us being 3-0 down, and of course worse to follow, as O2 made a packet out of me texting friends not at the game the latest score!

We've all experienced some bad times in the past 20 years, but there is no doubting that this is the lowest point in the club's history, with everyone unsure if we will make the 125th anniversary of Chester City Football Club next year. If we don't, then it's a travesty.

Plan A is more like Plan Z right now, as the club lurches from one crisis to the next, with the fans being told one week that the creditors have been paid, only to then hear the following week that we haven't actually paid them, and we are being threatened with expulsion from the League we fought so hard to get out of 5 years ago.

It's clear to see that the decision to defer to November 16th, was agreed based on the fact that City would have had gate money from the Barrow match, as well as the Eastleigh game should City have made it through to the 2nd Round, it would also have taken into account the potential for a 2nd Round draw to a bigger side, meaning more money coming in via gate receipts - that though is now all non existent thanks to the thumping dished out by Barrow.

Sadly, after the other night, I have spoken to so many people who are simply refusing to return to the Deva until the current regime is gone, and sadly, that could mean they never get the chance to see Chester City in action again.

After the match the other night, I sat there thinking about past times, when City were up against it, the match at Stoke where Chester had to win & did, with the late & great Harry McNally quoted as saying "If we go down with 53 points, I'll cut my own throat", or the time when we played our last match at Sealand Road thanks to Eric Barnes, and sitting on the pitch singing "We shall not be moved" after beating Rotherham 2-0, or even the times at Moss Rose where we played for 2 years, how agonising it was to begin a bus journey at 12.30pm from the old ground, travelling a round trip of 90 miles, watching the game, and returning on the bus back to the old ground at 7pm - all for a home game.

It was hard, but we did it, and did it with pride - those at the club were still battling for it's survival - and that is where the current regime differs - the fight to keep the club up was non existent last season, and it appears this season too, and only a desire to drag things out as long as possible for their own benefit seems to be the order of the day.

The Conference will of course make their own minds up on November 16th, along with the Football League, and Chester City's future will be determined by a select few.

Talk recently has been of course about a phoenix club starting up, well that is the last thing we all want to see, we want the history of Chester City FC to continue - just with new owners.

An away win at last!!

By Banksy on Oct 18, 09 07:44 PM in

How refreshing it is to be starting this week's Blog with a win to talk about!

Before the season, a double over Gateshead would have been pretty much expected, however arrogant that sounds, anything less would have been seen as a failure on the part of Chester City.

However, since the belated start of our season, expectations of wins have gone out of the window, with us more hoping we'll take 3 points rather than expecting to.

The doubts did creep in on Thursday prior to Saturday's game, when Daryl Clare signed for Geordie boys, but thankfully he allegedly signed an agreement to not score against City for his new club - nice touch that DC!

So, Jimmy Harvey managed to get off the mark with a win, which coincided with his return to the dugout. I did have to laugh when Shane from Dee 106 told me last week that Harvey was indeed banned from the touchline, great hey, a new manager, who can't really manage on the day!

Now that we've managed to make it Lucky Seven on the away trips, let's hope that we can clinch back to back league (or non league) wins for the first time since 1947, and we can see off AFC Wimbledon on October 31st - maybe the witches will arrive early and turn the Deva into a cauldron of noise in the afternoon!

It's the FA Cup to look forward to next weekend, and despite us not being in the First round just yet, it still brings back memories of the Cup matches we've had down the years - I don't care what anyone says, the magic of the FA Cup is still there - maybe not with the big teams, but for us it is.

Remember those days where we reached the 4th Round, and after beating Wrexham in the snow in their own back yard, we played Sheffield Wednesday at Sealand Road - i remember the place went made when John Kelly stuck one away in the 7th minute - dreams of Wembley started to increase, but then Lee Chapman got the Owls back on level terms - although I'm still convinced it was a foul!

What about the time when we saw Bradford & Hull off, and the prize was a ruddy trip to Plymouth, that was a day and a half, all the way down on the coach, being stuck on the away end, with it chucking it down, losing to a 84th minute goal, then being kept in the ground for 20 minutes after the final whistle, to then being taken on a trek through the Argyle stand just to get back to our own coach.

Having got back on it, most people were portraying the image of a human sponge, and I remember quite a few of us just sat there with boxers on, having whipped the soaking wet jeans off - and then a nice 6 hour journey home - they were the days hey??

Let's hope City can get the win we all badly want up at Barrow, it will certainly be an interesting day for our owner that's for sure.

It's a huge week this week too for City Fans United, as firstly, the Chester City ISA meet tomorrow night to vote on whether to become part of the CFU along with the Supporters Trust, who have already voted in favour of that, then Thursday night, sees the formal launch of the CFU at Divas Show Bar on Station Road (8pm ko), when hopefully they'll be a great turnout for what we hope will be a great Supporters Group, and one that will have a say in the future running of Chester City FC.

In recent weeks, I've been working on contacting ex-Blues to appear on the Legends Night in December, and I'll reveal some of the names hoping to come along on December 3rd, and there are some belters in there!

That's it for now, so City boys, go and get that win in Barrow, so we can be part of the First Round Draw, when who knows, we could end up drawing Wrexham if they are lucky enough to get past FC Halifax - come on the Shaymen!

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