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Another rollercoaster week for Blues fans!

By Chester City Exiles on May 12, 08 09:55 AM in

IN the 20 years I've been following Chester City, the constant theme is that life as a Blues fan is never boring, and last week was no exception.

To be honest, the 90 minutes of football I saw at the Deva Stadium against Macclesfield was the most boring aspect of my Chester-following week. But in the tail end of this season, it's been everything else that goes with following the team that's kept me interested.

To start with, the Exiles darts team capped the high of the news that City were safe with a 7-4 victory over Bolton Wanderers. It was our second win over the Trotters this season, and our third darts triumph in a row.

If we carry on in that vein for the last two games of the season, we could finish in the same third from bottom spot as the football team. No shame for Exiles darters, as we're usually the league's basement side.

Football aside, I did enjoy my final Deva visit of the season last Saturday. I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I saw the 'End of Season' sale in the club shop. Such was my thrill at getting a Blues bargain that I kept going back in for more. One day I'm sure I'll find a use for a pen incorporating its own Chester City ink crest and the Conference champions pennant looks smart hanging in my flat.

The farewell from the players was a bit uninspiring, but it was great to catch up with people in the Blues Bar. Last Thursday night saw me catching up with someone else... the only Wrexham fan I know, who was enjoying a quiet pint in a Surrey pub until three Chester fans walked in! He was serenaded with "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when". The pub regulars found it all a bit strange.

The night ended with a pre-bedtime look at The Chronicle website, to discover City owner Stephen Vaughan had been arrested after the races. As I said, it's never boring being a Chester fan.

Make sure we're safe - then crack open the bubbly!

By Chester City Exiles on Apr 24, 08 02:34 PM in

I'LL have to admit to dancing a little jig of delight in my living room the moment I heard our friends across the border had been relegated. It was my football highlight of the week - actually, I'm sad enough to own up to it being the highlight of my non-footballing week as well.

It was a shame I couldn't crack open the champagne for a full-on celebration, though, as that will remain on ice until Chester's status in the Football League for next season has been secured.

For 75 minutes of the game at Wycombe, I thought we were going to get a valuable point towards guaranteed safety as our young guns battled against a Chairboys side aiming for a play-off spot. But Wycombe's Scott McGleish put paid to those ideas with his 26th goal of the season.

But it was an encouraging performance and it was see good to see some other southern-based supporters watching only our fifth home counties game this season. Judging by some of the over-enthusiastic chanting, a number had clearly been making the most of their day out.

Oh yes, and it was also a "Celtic Day" at Wycombe - not that you'd really have noticed. Wycombe's invitation to Celtic fans to pay a visit to Adams Park fell a bit flat with no more than 20 Scots in green-and-white hoops behind the goal. Still, one of them insisted on buying me a pre-match drink and I thought our 'exile' to the corner of one of the Adams Park home stands did us a bit of a favour by concentrating our support.

Now we face a nail-biting trip to Shrewsbury. I just hope I'm opening that bubbly when I return south on Saturday night, so the final home games of the season will be time to party.

Calling out for a (local) hero

By Chester City Exiles on Apr 17, 08 11:16 AM in

WE may be having April showers right now, but down at the Deva Stadium it never rains but it pours!

Last week I was leaping around my lounge (knocking a cup of tea flying in the process) as "Goal! Ellison (90mins)" flashed up on Sky's Gillette Soccer Saturday. The Blues are staying up, the Blues are staying up! I was in ecstasy! On Saturday, I stared open mouthed as we let in two very poor goals against a mid-table, mediocre Lincoln City side and once again the spectre of relegation hangs over us. Then, if things were not bad enough, and praying that Butler and Partridge will be fit enough to play at Wycombe on Saturday, the club suddenly announces that Butler and Dinning, two of our most experienced players, have been suspended - only for the PFA to deny they had been suspended two days later.

What is going on? Is this why Stephen Vaughan appointed Simon Davies as manager - because by Saturday we will have practically the whole of the youth team turning out anyway!!!
While I confess that I do not know the reasons for the apparent problems with Butler and Dinning, it made me consider the loyalty that there is in football these days. When I started supporting Chester as wee school girl, it was quite normal for players to either have come from the local area (and how me and my friends loved to stalk them in Woollies!!!) or they would move to Chester lock stock and barrel for a few years (if they were good enough).

Nowadays, how many players stay for more than one or two seasons with the same club and it seems the norm for players to travel hundreds of miles each day to training. I understand this has a lot to do with the high cost of housing, schools and the stability of managers, but you do wonder how good all this chopping and changing is for a team each season and how loyal players really are to the cause, as in our case, of avoiding relegation. Yes they do have pride and won't want to be part of a relegation side, but come the end of the season/their contract they can be off never to fight the Chester cause again! Meanwhile, we the loyal fans can only stand and stare as more shenanigans unfold. We will still drive hundreds of miles and spend hundreds of pounds just to support our beloved Blues, all in the hope of getting another vital three points. Which is why we feel so let down and hurt sometimes by those that we worship and adore each week. It is a cruel game.

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