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Last week in my blog I was talking about Derren Brown predicting the lottery balls that came up in the draw the previous Wednesday evening.

Well having thought about it, and listening to his explanation as to how he did it, he revealed that a group of 24 people were actually behind the prediction, so this got me thinking - how can we help Chester City get a second win in a row for the first time in over 90 games?

Simple when you know how... back the team!!!

Too many people were heard having a moan at last Tuesday's match against Gateshead, and yet we won the game, some were even having right go after we had gone 2-1 in front - what the hell is that all about?

It was tragic to hear that certain areas of the crowd were shouting for Gateshead, and I'm not talking about those 28 or so hardy souls that had travelled down from the North East.

Nothing annoys me more at a football match than OUR fans cheering for the opposition, no matter how low we are, or are set to become, cheering the opposition should NEVER EVER happen, and I would question the intellect of people who do this.

Sure, we are not the best team in the world right now, but don't you think the players know that? They are trying to make the best of what they have, and that goes for Mick Wadsworth too, it's as though people have now started to get on his back, and yet we are now starting to get some results.

I just can't work it out.

It was a graveyard atmosphere on Tuesday, no doubt about that, and has been mentioned before, the club need to try and do something about it, but until new owners arrive at the Deva, this is unlikely to happen.

I handed out leaflets along with others at the game the other night, for our new supporters group, City Fans United, and I'm pleased to say a great response from the fans passing by who wished us luck, some have already sent in their details to become members, and I urge other Chester fans to do the same, we really are trying to create a united Fan base, and this is the way forward!

We have some great ideas & a lot of those have come from supporters themselves, so if you have any yourself, please let me know, or even e-mail with your ideas & suggestions - we may be able to do something about it, and improve the match day experience - although we can't perform miracles on results!

Hopefully by this time next week, there will be further details released about a special "Chester Legends" night in December coming up, where we are hoping to attract a number of ex-players to the City for a night of celebration. Players such as Ian Helliwell, Steve Finney, and Kamu Laird have been invited - only joking!

Anyway, that's it for now, I've rambled on enough, here's to three points tomorrow, it will probably happen too as I'm not at the game due to another occasion taking place on the same day, so I'll be constantly checking my phone for updates - Come on City!!!

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