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A City bursting with Pride

By Banksy on May 24, 10 12:03 PM in

Well it wasn't so long ago that we were all nervously awaiting the decision on the future of the Deva Stadium from Cheshire West & Chester Council, but now just a couple of weeks on, there has been so much progress as Chester Football Club breathes into life once again.

Firstly, that decision by CWAC.

It was the ONLY decision that would have been deemed acceptable, as a club being run by an overseas group was simply not in the best interests for a club like Chester, maybe for the Premier League big boys, but not Chester. An offer had been made to the Danes to get behind the CFU and make this an even bigger proposition for all to consider, but sadly they decided not to back City Fans United, and subsequently lost a lot of respect and also potential friends along the way.

Then came the news that the FA had recommended that Chester start four, yes four leagues down from where Chester City collapsed, and quite rightly this has been appealed against as no club that has reformed with supporter ownership - something that the government & FA have been backing of late - has been forced down 4 leagues, with the precedent being 2 leagues, with one exception at 3.

So, all could be forgiven that this would be a knock on everyone's hopes for next season, well judging by the turn out and support at the bingo hall where all four corners were filled in quicker than you can say "all the fours...", it was apparent that the fans were in bouyant mood, and coupled with the fact that Daryl Clare was making the 3 hour trek over from Lincolnshire to be with us, it turned out one of the greatest nights as Chester FC was officially reborn.

Thursday 21st May 2010, remember that date in the future. That'll be the club's official birthday!

On the rebirth night, we also heard from several of the committee members, who gave excellent presentations, but at this point, I must point out that I have absolute pride working with each and every one of them up to this point, and have every faith in that to continue as the club climbs to its feet, and begins its challenge to get back up the Leagues.

The revealing of the club crest was the point I think we were all looking forward to, and the atmosphere in the place was electric as we approached the point, and when those curtains went back to reveal the badge, I think the pride took over and the songs "Chester are Back" and "We love you Chester" kicked in, what a great sound it was in there - won't it be great to hear that in our first game at the Deva in August!

I was really impressed with the badge, it encompasses both our history and future, all with a modern look that will last us for years, and with the wolf looking a little more menacing than ever now, let's hope that fear will head into the hearts of those travelling to Fortress Deva!!

It was great to get Daryl Clare entered into the CFU Hall of Fame, and he was not expecting it either as he'd heard nothing about it up to the point I'd invited him back on to the stage to receive his award. Daryl was a star on the night too, signing many autographs and having pictures taken with many fans.

Following the meeting, in fact less than 24 hours later, our new management duo were appointed, and best wishes go to Neil Young & Gary Jones, who now carry the hopes of Blues fans everywhere to get us back up those leagues, butr they cannot do it without our support, your support.

Now is the time for the City to really rally round its football club, and the challenge to all should be to bring a mate to watch Chester next season, make it someone that has never been before, encourage their kids, or brothers, or sisters to come with them - the era of a new dawn has begun, so let's make it a success on the pitch as well as off it!

The good news continued on Saturday, as the club's website was launched, it was set for 3pm, but we thought we'd tease everyone that little longer, and I think it was worth the wait, and the website will certainly be updated a lot more than the previous one was!

The good news is flowing through Chester Football Club right now, so let's keep those blue flags flying high up in the sky, and be proud of our club - this is something we can all build ourselves, imagine that day that will hopefully not be too many years away when we see on the bottom of Jeff Stelling's Soccer Saturday videprinter "Chester are Promoted to the Football League"!

It can happen, but only with everyone's support!

Chester are Back, Chester are Back, Hello Hello!

An away win at last!!

By Banksy on Oct 18, 09 07:44 PM in

How refreshing it is to be starting this week's Blog with a win to talk about!

Before the season, a double over Gateshead would have been pretty much expected, however arrogant that sounds, anything less would have been seen as a failure on the part of Chester City.

However, since the belated start of our season, expectations of wins have gone out of the window, with us more hoping we'll take 3 points rather than expecting to.

The doubts did creep in on Thursday prior to Saturday's game, when Daryl Clare signed for Geordie boys, but thankfully he allegedly signed an agreement to not score against City for his new club - nice touch that DC!

So, Jimmy Harvey managed to get off the mark with a win, which coincided with his return to the dugout. I did have to laugh when Shane from Dee 106 told me last week that Harvey was indeed banned from the touchline, great hey, a new manager, who can't really manage on the day!

Now that we've managed to make it Lucky Seven on the away trips, let's hope that we can clinch back to back league (or non league) wins for the first time since 1947, and we can see off AFC Wimbledon on October 31st - maybe the witches will arrive early and turn the Deva into a cauldron of noise in the afternoon!

It's the FA Cup to look forward to next weekend, and despite us not being in the First round just yet, it still brings back memories of the Cup matches we've had down the years - I don't care what anyone says, the magic of the FA Cup is still there - maybe not with the big teams, but for us it is.

Remember those days where we reached the 4th Round, and after beating Wrexham in the snow in their own back yard, we played Sheffield Wednesday at Sealand Road - i remember the place went made when John Kelly stuck one away in the 7th minute - dreams of Wembley started to increase, but then Lee Chapman got the Owls back on level terms - although I'm still convinced it was a foul!

What about the time when we saw Bradford & Hull off, and the prize was a ruddy trip to Plymouth, that was a day and a half, all the way down on the coach, being stuck on the away end, with it chucking it down, losing to a 84th minute goal, then being kept in the ground for 20 minutes after the final whistle, to then being taken on a trek through the Argyle stand just to get back to our own coach.

Having got back on it, most people were portraying the image of a human sponge, and I remember quite a few of us just sat there with boxers on, having whipped the soaking wet jeans off - and then a nice 6 hour journey home - they were the days hey??

Let's hope City can get the win we all badly want up at Barrow, it will certainly be an interesting day for our owner that's for sure.

It's a huge week this week too for City Fans United, as firstly, the Chester City ISA meet tomorrow night to vote on whether to become part of the CFU along with the Supporters Trust, who have already voted in favour of that, then Thursday night, sees the formal launch of the CFU at Divas Show Bar on Station Road (8pm ko), when hopefully they'll be a great turnout for what we hope will be a great Supporters Group, and one that will have a say in the future running of Chester City FC.

In recent weeks, I've been working on contacting ex-Blues to appear on the Legends Night in December, and I'll reveal some of the names hoping to come along on December 3rd, and there are some belters in there!

That's it for now, so City boys, go and get that win in Barrow, so we can be part of the First Round Draw, when who knows, we could end up drawing Wrexham if they are lucky enough to get past FC Halifax - come on the Shaymen!

If you're all going Wrexham clap your hands!

By Banksy on Sep 25, 09 06:09 AM in

Well in two days time the rivalry between Chester & Wrexham is once again stepped up, as we lock horns at the Racecourse Ground at high noon, yet again, shifted from it's original saturday spot as the Police still decide that a crowd an eighth the size of those that attend Chester Races is too much to deal with on a Saturday.

Police forces across the country have to (and do) deal with larger events without fuss on it's originally scheduled date, in football, Leeds played Millwall on a Friday night & Saturday afternoon last year, so our rivalry doesn't even come close in terms of numbers, yet it's one of the first games to be shifted from the Saturday afternoon, and of course we are never going to see another evening game between the two - god forbid!

We all know that any trouble seems to happen in the town or city centres, depending on where the game is taking place, and very little trouble, if any, seems to happen at the ground these days, so I feel they should be able to stage it on a Saturday again.

Back to the game, and a lot of Chester fans I've spoken to are so disheartened with everything going on at the club, that they are avoiding the game on Sunday, mainly as they don't want to see the Blues get beat.

Personally I don't agree with this opinion, for me, it's Chester v Wrexham and any game as such should not be missed, yes we may lose, we probably won't win, but not going to the derby game just 12 miles away is like just turning your back on your family when they need you most, it's not the players fault what's going on at the club, in fact strong rumours suggest that they are not getting paid, so they need all the support they can get right now.

For those that are going, let's give the lads lots of support on Sunday, and evoke some of the spirit of '95, where we famously we went into the game at the foot of the table, and up against it being 2-1 down at half time with only 9 men on the pitch, compared to the Goats' 11, and yet the lads held firm and up popped Sir Andy Milner to level things up right at the end to send us Blues delirious and home very happy, especially after their fans had been celebrating like mad, just as a linesman's flag was busy waving for a foul on Dave Felgate by Gary Bennett as he bundled the ball into Chester's net for what he (and the red sh...ower) thought was a winning goal that night.

It's amazing how many games between the two sides end 2-1 or 2-2, not sure whether you should put your money on one of those results this time round, but you never know, where's Derek Asamoah when you need him?

It's a crying shame that we never had Daryl Clare in our team when facing "those from up the road" how I'd have loved him to stick one in the Racecourse net in a derby, although he did score a belter against them for Rushden & Diamonds a couple of years ago, so that will have to do I suppose!

Speaking of Daryl Clare, he is one of the ex-players that has been invited to the Chester Legends night, whether he'll accept remains to be seen, but it would certainly be great to see him again for the event.

The event, being organized by City Fans United, is set to take place on Thursday 3rd December, and should not be confused with the other event taking place on November 7th, and a whole host of ex-players have been invited, hopefully they'll be able to attend.

As far as City Fans United is concerned, well things are progressing well, and we are close to our official launch, which will be on October 22nd, at the Deva Show Bar, where we will reveal a number of initiatives to help protect & safeguard professional football in the City of Chester, as well as looking to create a "warchest" for eventual ownership of the club.

It's exciting times for CFU, admittedly in difficult times for City supporters, but we are aiming to make a positive difference and fight to keep Chester City Football Club alive.

Letters have gone out to those who indicated their interest in joining CFU in the August fans meeting at the Deva Show Bar, this so we can keep in touch with those that didn't include their e-mail addresses on the form, so if you're one of those, a letter should be dropping through your door shortly, as long as Royal Mail don't go on strike again!

Anyway, that's it for this week, hopefully I'll be typing the next blog telling everyone how great we played in a majestic win for the Blues at the Goats on Sunday....hey I can dream!

Spirit of '95 boys - Come on City!!!!

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