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A City bursting with Pride

By Banksy on May 24, 10 12:03 PM in

Well it wasn't so long ago that we were all nervously awaiting the decision on the future of the Deva Stadium from Cheshire West & Chester Council, but now just a couple of weeks on, there has been so much progress as Chester Football Club breathes into life once again.

Firstly, that decision by CWAC.

It was the ONLY decision that would have been deemed acceptable, as a club being run by an overseas group was simply not in the best interests for a club like Chester, maybe for the Premier League big boys, but not Chester. An offer had been made to the Danes to get behind the CFU and make this an even bigger proposition for all to consider, but sadly they decided not to back City Fans United, and subsequently lost a lot of respect and also potential friends along the way.

Then came the news that the FA had recommended that Chester start four, yes four leagues down from where Chester City collapsed, and quite rightly this has been appealed against as no club that has reformed with supporter ownership - something that the government & FA have been backing of late - has been forced down 4 leagues, with the precedent being 2 leagues, with one exception at 3.

So, all could be forgiven that this would be a knock on everyone's hopes for next season, well judging by the turn out and support at the bingo hall where all four corners were filled in quicker than you can say "all the fours...", it was apparent that the fans were in bouyant mood, and coupled with the fact that Daryl Clare was making the 3 hour trek over from Lincolnshire to be with us, it turned out one of the greatest nights as Chester FC was officially reborn.

Thursday 21st May 2010, remember that date in the future. That'll be the club's official birthday!

On the rebirth night, we also heard from several of the committee members, who gave excellent presentations, but at this point, I must point out that I have absolute pride working with each and every one of them up to this point, and have every faith in that to continue as the club climbs to its feet, and begins its challenge to get back up the Leagues.

The revealing of the club crest was the point I think we were all looking forward to, and the atmosphere in the place was electric as we approached the point, and when those curtains went back to reveal the badge, I think the pride took over and the songs "Chester are Back" and "We love you Chester" kicked in, what a great sound it was in there - won't it be great to hear that in our first game at the Deva in August!

I was really impressed with the badge, it encompasses both our history and future, all with a modern look that will last us for years, and with the wolf looking a little more menacing than ever now, let's hope that fear will head into the hearts of those travelling to Fortress Deva!!

It was great to get Daryl Clare entered into the CFU Hall of Fame, and he was not expecting it either as he'd heard nothing about it up to the point I'd invited him back on to the stage to receive his award. Daryl was a star on the night too, signing many autographs and having pictures taken with many fans.

Following the meeting, in fact less than 24 hours later, our new management duo were appointed, and best wishes go to Neil Young & Gary Jones, who now carry the hopes of Blues fans everywhere to get us back up those leagues, butr they cannot do it without our support, your support.

Now is the time for the City to really rally round its football club, and the challenge to all should be to bring a mate to watch Chester next season, make it someone that has never been before, encourage their kids, or brothers, or sisters to come with them - the era of a new dawn has begun, so let's make it a success on the pitch as well as off it!

The good news continued on Saturday, as the club's website was launched, it was set for 3pm, but we thought we'd tease everyone that little longer, and I think it was worth the wait, and the website will certainly be updated a lot more than the previous one was!

The good news is flowing through Chester Football Club right now, so let's keep those blue flags flying high up in the sky, and be proud of our club - this is something we can all build ourselves, imagine that day that will hopefully not be too many years away when we see on the bottom of Jeff Stelling's Soccer Saturday videprinter "Chester are Promoted to the Football League"!

It can happen, but only with everyone's support!

Chester are Back, Chester are Back, Hello Hello!

The Time Has Come!

By Banksy on May 5, 10 06:28 AM in

Okay, so this is it then, the last post I put on here was four days after Chester City FC were officially wound up in the High Court in London.

This post though is prior to Cheshire West & Chester Council making arguably the biggest decision in the history of Chester Football Club.

In 125 years, the club has seen many ups and downs, with so many twists and turns along the way, it could outstrip any ride at Alton Towers quite easily, but this week, the Council have the chance to really make a name for itself and back an initiative carried forward by Chester people, for Chester people - and many beyond the good City too.

The Council are of course deciding on two options to relaunch a football club at the Deva Stadium, one from the heart of Chester, the other from overseas (and some would say, an internet group twinned up with a former director linked to the downfall of the previous club).

So, which way will the Council go?

Naturally, every right minded Chester fan will be hoping the Council give City Fans United the go ahead to use the Deva Stadium next season, and give Chester FC - as voted by the fans - the best possible start it could have for life in what we hope will be the Evo-Stik League - I know that just doesn't sound right to me either, but to keep up tradition with the puns, I'm sure we'll all be glued to any any media outlet the day the fixtures come out if we are successful in satisfying both the Council & FA.

The FA of course will have the next say, as CFU will need to prove that the business plan is robust, and also that we are fit & proper - don't snigger, we know that past owners have somehow passed that one, but that is the reason we can't take this lightly, as they will have tightened up immensely since those previous mistakes were made.

We do of course believe that we have a sound business plan in place, and hopefully it will receive the first big tick against it this week, with the FA's soon to follow.

Much has been said about my involvement with CFU, and let me just say here & now, that I or any of the other CFU committee members have any desire to have any stand names named after us - we would be laughed out of the room by each other never mind the membership if we asked for that status.

That's not what we're about, in fact to quote Belinda Carlisle's song from the 80's, "We want the same thing" - that's to witness a Chester side running out at the Deva come August 21st - that's if we're lucky enough to be given a home game as our first one!

It's not just been the committee who have brought this scenario of owning a football club together, it's been the collective effort of everyone, all members, and even those yet to commit, and hopefully many more will commit when the ground is secured.

Now is the time that we really have to step it up though, and raise as much money as possible for Chester FC - that means a variety of things, buying Loan Notes, joining the Seals Lottery, getting a Standing Order set up, buying some of the merchandise on offer on the CFU website, and maybe buying a ticket to this year's big event which I'm organising - the official 125th Anniversary Party for Chester FC, taking place on June 12th - it's going to be a cracker!

So, there we go then, 20 years on from the day the dust settled at Sealand Road when we lost our old ground thanks to another unscrupulous former owner, we stand on the verge of securing our ground for the future of Chester FC - now that could just be an election winning decision to be made!

The week that was for Chester City FC...

By James Shepherd on Dec 7, 09 03:28 PM in

Papering over the cracks

By Madowl Blue on Nov 2, 09 09:45 PM in

Hello, Madowl Blue here. I'm back and I'm grumpy.

Since my last entry (back in the somehow-less-gloomy time of February this year), Chester City have plunged down into the root of the Blue Square Premier about as quickly as its dignity, having its good name dragged through acres of mud during the off-season.

The latest chapter has been the miserable, yet somehow fully-deserved, 0-4 thrashing against Barrow to deny the club an FA Cup 1st round draw, and more crucially, the revenue such a cup tie could have brought.

For Barrow, it was poetic justice to get revenge on Stephen Vaughan, who had effectively brought their club to the brink of extinction before he moved on to bigger and better things. Like saving Chester City. Lucky us...

And so, following a dismal performance and anger at the way a couple of protesting City fans were treated during the match, a protest movement was organised at short notice. A mobilised, united force to meet outside Chester Town Hall, marching valiantly toward the Deva Stadium with a clear protest message against the way the club is being run.

Except it all fizzled out quite quickly.

Maybe it was the short notice given to fans, maybe it was because the march didn't have the backing of the newly-formed City Fans United (who understandably don't want to jeopardise any potential future negotiations with Stephen Vaughan), maybe it was because City fans have been too apathetic about the situation (feeling numb from too many defeats and broken promises over the years), or maybe because, most unlikely of all, the club played excellently against AFC Wimbledon!

But let's not kid ourselves. True, Chester reduced their points deduction to 'only' -7 with a convincing 3-1 win over AFC Wimbledon, another club whose fans know full well what it's like to go through the hard times. It also meant it was the first back-to-back league wins for 99 matches, and means Chester's run of form recently looks in decent shape. Compared to Liverpool, anyway.

But all of this means diddily-squat if the club faces further sanctions or even expulsion from the Conference if it doesn't cough up the money needed to pay two outstanding debts by Monday, November 16. Fans can't suddenly think everything's all wonderful at the Deva again because Chester City is now only 16 points behind 23rd slot. Sorry to burst the bubble like that, but it's a harsh reality.

And what's available if the club can't pay up? City Fans United have already admitted they won't be in a position to do much if the club folds tomorrow, instead building up a 'war chest' for a possible August 2010 bid. Besides that, there's only the slim chance a potential buyer for the club is found in the meantime, with (an even skinnier chance) Vaughan prepared to reduce the club's asking price.

Until then, future protest movements need to be focused and simple. Saturday's involved too many stages and too much of a timetable, and so not many bothered. For the fans, a simple statement such as the red card distribution idea would get the message across more succinctly and more easily. Just a thought.

Looking for that stocking filler?

By Madowl Blue on Nov 24, 08 09:03 PM in

Do you have several million pounds you've been storing under your mattress for a special occasion? Have you found yourself with a little extra to spend following the Government's decision to cut VAT to 15%? Want to make your Christmas a little more magical?

Why not spend your hard-earned cash on something that will make you the talk of the town? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, now is *your* chance to own Chester City, officially ranked as one of the nation's top 100 football clubs!

Now on the market, and situated near a popular commercial district and major transport networks, this charming, detached stadium offers pleasant views of the River Dee and...some fields, as well as being in both England and Wales, a unique feature which you can show off to other football club-owners.

With several careful owners (and some less so, quite frankly), this club has everything you need to be a success - a well-maintained pitch, some floodlights, a bar, a couple of burger stalls, a car park which becomes even more easy to find a space at with each passing season, a shop which is sometimes open and a die-hard core fanbase of 1,200 maniacs who'd support the club through thin and thinner.

There's also a squad of City players who, for the most part, will give it their all for the full 90 minutes, although some get a little discouraged when the team is five goals down...again...

* For further details on this wonderful opportunity to own a football club at a price that's much more affordable than the overly-fancy, so-called 'Premiership' clubs, contact a Mr S Vaughan at the Deva Stadium, Bumpers Lane, Chester. Hurry now, offer might end soon!

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