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One click from the matchday fix

By Chester City Exiles on Apr 3, 08 10:18 AM in

AS an Exile it's often difficult to get to games, but in the age of the internet it's possible to get something resembling your Chester City matchday 'fix' from the comfort of your living room.

Last Saturday's buzz began for me at 2.45pm. While many of you were finding a good 'spec' at the Deva, I was at home surfing a series of websites to find the team news. Would Ellison and Holroyd be fit, would Vaughan be back in the side? My questions were soon answered and I sat back, with about six favourite websites minimised, and waited for the action to start.

If you spend a matchday afternoon online, you'll soon find there's a whole community of exiled football fans out there, desperate to talk about the live action. This Saturday was no different and before long there were more 100 of us in a thread talking about City v Stockport.

The best of the fellow internet chatters have a friend at the game ringing them from a mobile, but it wasn't until half-time that the internet community picked up on the problem with overcrowding in the Stockport end. The score was 0-0, but from the updates we were getting it sounded like it was a game we'd be sorry to have missed.

But wait - someone had a vital call from the Deva... the game had been abandoned due to the pitch being waterlogged! My head almost hit the keyboard in shock and before long the thread was busy and getting busier as City fans returned from the game and logged on.

The first serious report came from the shiny-new Chronicle website (honest), when the afternoon's chaos became a little clearer. You can't beat being at the game for a matchday experience, but when you're hundreds of miles away you can still get a taste of the action with a click of your mouse.

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