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Staying away may be good?

By Chester City Exiles on Nov 12, 08 03:37 PM in

Travelling to Chester on the National Express from London to watch the Blues play Millwall was a new 'exile' experience for me.

In the build up to FA Cup First Round day, even being stuck at Birmingham coach station for half an hour on a Friday evening seemed worth it.

The hope of creating a cup shock in beating Millwall's highly rated young side was always there, especially given City's two home victories over London clubs already this season.

Sadly, reality bit during the game itself. Despite unquestionable effort from the side, City never looked to be a threat and the collapse after the opening goal was alarming.

Davies' ineptitude as a manager was there for all to see, apparently deliberating over a substitution for over ten minutes, and finally making it when it was far too late.

Four victories in thirty-one games as Chester manager tells its own story. Such a record was also entirely predictable from a man woefully inequipped to manage a football league side.

These stats look good when compared with my own personal record of watching Chester this calendar year - 13 games attended, 0 wins seen.

It may be good for 'The Chief' Wayne Allison that I won't be in the crowd for Morecambe on Saturday.

Here we go again

By Madowl Blue on Nov 11, 08 10:54 PM in

SO FAREWELL then, Simon Davies. Manager number 12 since club owner Stephen Vaughan took hold of the reins (if you include the six caretaker roles), and what has been the reaction among fans? Apathy, glumness, and a general 'ho-hum' atmosphere.

It sums up the general mood of the club that hardly anyone is shocked. Absolutely no ill will is meant against Simon Davies, but he never convincingly looked like he'd made the step up from coaching the youth team (where he had shined).

But we've been here before, haven't we? So many times a new manager has attempted to breathe fresh life into the club, they'd get the results for about a month, before a run of bad games would shift them out before the end of the season.

All right, in Simon's case, he unfortunately never had that good run of form to lift spirits among the squad and the fans (a clutch of 0-0 draws, although preserving Chester's league status last season, is hardly awe-inspiring), but such records have become depressing for all concerned.

I wish Simon Davies all the best for his future, and sad that he's yet another manager leaving with a poor-looking record on his CV. Still, it didn't stop ex-gaffer Bobby Williamson going on to become manager of the Ugandan national team, of all places!

Potential managers to head City now include Wayne Allison (most likely the first choice, unless he turns the role down), Steve Bleasdale (former Mark Wright assistant) or Brian Little (who'd have to do better than at the last club he was at....where was it?....somewhere in Wales?....ah yes, those fellas in red).

Whoever the new incumbent is, I wish them the best of luck. They'll certainly need plenty.

A captain to be proud of

By Chester City Independent Supporters' Association on May 25, 08 12:07 PM in

BY far the best news released from the Deva Stadium last week was the re-signing of Paul Linwood.

I feel sure that, as Simon Davies tries to restructure the playing staff during the close-season, other new players will be signed, but none more important than Paul. The fans' player of the year for last season sent out all the right signals by stating that it was the offer to make him club captain that clinched his signature to a new two-year contract.

This is precisely the sort of loyalty and pride we need at the club, which over time has become used to journeymen footballers who stay for as long as it suits them before moving on. With so many young players around him having the same attitude, the future for Chester City is less bleak and the nerve-racking moments of a few weeks ago are now just a distant memory.

While we are all relieved to retain our place in the Football League, we must heed the warning (unlike Wrexham) and strengthen the squad wisely to ensure 2008/9 is a much better season.

Certainly the signs are good because we will build on our youth policy under Simon Davies and he will encourage all the players to display not only talent, but the same pride and loyalty shown by their captain.

Calling out for a (local) hero

By Chester City Exiles on Apr 17, 08 11:16 AM in

WE may be having April showers right now, but down at the Deva Stadium it never rains but it pours!

Last week I was leaping around my lounge (knocking a cup of tea flying in the process) as "Goal! Ellison (90mins)" flashed up on Sky's Gillette Soccer Saturday. The Blues are staying up, the Blues are staying up! I was in ecstasy! On Saturday, I stared open mouthed as we let in two very poor goals against a mid-table, mediocre Lincoln City side and once again the spectre of relegation hangs over us. Then, if things were not bad enough, and praying that Butler and Partridge will be fit enough to play at Wycombe on Saturday, the club suddenly announces that Butler and Dinning, two of our most experienced players, have been suspended - only for the PFA to deny they had been suspended two days later.

What is going on? Is this why Stephen Vaughan appointed Simon Davies as manager - because by Saturday we will have practically the whole of the youth team turning out anyway!!!
While I confess that I do not know the reasons for the apparent problems with Butler and Dinning, it made me consider the loyalty that there is in football these days. When I started supporting Chester as wee school girl, it was quite normal for players to either have come from the local area (and how me and my friends loved to stalk them in Woollies!!!) or they would move to Chester lock stock and barrel for a few years (if they were good enough).

Nowadays, how many players stay for more than one or two seasons with the same club and it seems the norm for players to travel hundreds of miles each day to training. I understand this has a lot to do with the high cost of housing, schools and the stability of managers, but you do wonder how good all this chopping and changing is for a team each season and how loyal players really are to the cause, as in our case, of avoiding relegation. Yes they do have pride and won't want to be part of a relegation side, but come the end of the season/their contract they can be off never to fight the Chester cause again! Meanwhile, we the loyal fans can only stand and stare as more shenanigans unfold. We will still drive hundreds of miles and spend hundreds of pounds just to support our beloved Blues, all in the hope of getting another vital three points. Which is why we feel so let down and hurt sometimes by those that we worship and adore each week. It is a cruel game.

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