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The week that was for Chester City FC...

By James Shepherd on Dec 7, 09 03:28 PM in

The "Fit & Proper" rollercoaster continues!

By Banksy on Nov 12, 09 10:17 AM in

Yet again it's been a busy week in the history of Chester City Football Club!

With just four days to go until the Conference & Football League meet to decide on the future of the club, we now hear that Stephen Vaughan has been disqualified from acting as a company director for 11 years - now I'm not going in to the ins and outs of that, but it does appear that Stephen Vaughan is losing his grip on CCFC.

Something has to give soon, there is the possibility that Stephen Vaughan Junior or even James Vaughan could become majority shareholders in the club, if Vaughan Senior is forced to sell at least 70% of his shares, that opens up a whole new can of worms as to whether that is still being involved indirectly with the control of the club.

I hope for their own sakes that Stephen Junior and James do not have this thrust onto them, it's the last thing we, the fans want, and I'm sure it's not an ideal situation for them either.

Can you imagine if your father put a loss making company in your own name, consider your own credit status, this will surely not only fail the "Fit & Proper Persons" test that the FA are investigating, but also fail the "Fit & Proper Father" test, as I'd go ballistic if my Dad was forcing a company onto me that was forecasting to lose half a million in the next year!

On the pitch things had been improving with those three BSP wins propelling us to within four points of the magical "zero" point, and the Wimbledon game was a joy to watch, with both teams going all out for the win, and despite the chants of "Going Down & Going Bust" from the Womble fans - who should know better - it was still a good atmosphere inside the ground for the first time in ages!

I was actually down in the big smoke over the weekend, sadly not at the Grays match, but having a weekend of leisure, so I was glued to the texts & internet on my phone, and was so pleased when I saw that Nick Chadwick had put us 3-1 up, that being the clincher of the points, how spoilt are we to experience three league wins on the bounce?

We did of course come down to earth on Tuesday night at York, but we'll excuse them for that one, as a lot of us thought York may prove to be too much at this stage, but hopefully we can do a job on Tamworth on Saturday, and get to within touching distance of that big "zero"!

It's also been a busy couple of weeks with the CFU and Junior Blues too, as membership applications have been flowing through at a pace, and with the online applications now being taken, we are expecting a lot more to fly through!

So, what's next in this rollercoaster of a season?

Oh yes, the simple question, will we have a club in five days time?

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