Solidarity key in these tough times

By Chester City Independent Supporters' Association on Aug 19, 08 09:26 AM in

THIS month will see the 10th anniversary of the formation of the ISA.

In our darkest hours following Chester City - especially after last season's traumas and the less than convincing start this season - it is hard to imagine a more troublesome time. However, history shows that there was such a time when the fans finally said enough is enough and fought back against an owner who had taken our proud club to the depths of despair and out of the Football League.

Actions taken by the ISA then brought about the end of the Terry Smith era who had no stomach for a fight and thankfully sold out once the fans started picketing the ground.

Solidarity was the key then and it remains so now as the club goes through a further period of turbulence with disagreements and raised voices in the dressing room.

The squad must pull together and support one another - let the motto be "all for one and one for all" - otherwise we are likely to sink like a stone and no amount of points deducted from other teams will save us. Fans can play their part by being there and giving the lads your support - more cheering and less sneering. Solidarity on and off the pitch is vital if we are to improve.

The ISA has marked their 10th anniversary with a special newsletter which includes contributions from former ISA chairman Mark Howell, who says: "Players, managers, owners and board members ALWAYS leave but the one thing that remains constant is you, us, the fans."

We were formed out of adversity and are prepared for further changes because change is inevitable. While we are not in a position to dictate our views we will try and maintain dialogue with the current owner and continue to represent the loyal City fans who have kept us going these last 10 years.

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