Chester City FC wound up - Share your views here

By James Shepherd on Mar 10, 10 12:06 PM in

What do you think about Chester City FC being wound up in the High Court?

What's next for the future of football in the City?

Share your views below (they will be considered for publication in the Chester Chronicle newspaper)...


Andrew M said:

It's sad that all the history of the club has come to an end - but this has to be the spring board for better things.

Keep football in Chester!

James said:

Get lost Vaughan

Hammertime said:

Good luck from all at the hammers

David Foster said:

I share the emotions of every other loyal Chester fan - sadness that Saturday afternoons no longer hold the interest and excitement that they have done, in my case for many, many years; jealousy of the fans of other clubs that are properly managed with the fans involvement centre-stage; resentment that owners have treated us with utter contempt; anger and shame at the way in which the proud name of the club has been dragged through the dirt; sorrow that my Saturday afternoon companions and comrades have suffered the consequences of greed, power thirst and self-interested manipulation. We long for management honesty and integrity. We fervently hope that CFU can use this opportunity to create a new club of which our city can be truly proud.

barnsley66 said:

Very sorry to read this. While I appreciate it is what most fans of Chester wanted, it is still a sad moment for football. Hopefully, the new club will be what the fans hope for.

Good luck from Barnsley FC.

Chestertom said:

It is with great sadness that I have to say "At last". The way we have been treated by the Vaughans is well documented but now is the time for the CFU to rebuild this once great club. This will have to be from whatever league the authorities allow us to enter but surely not as has been reported today the Welsh league which is a dead end. The fans of Chester need to be assured that the new club has the intentions of returning to league football as quickly as possible

NYC SealsFan said:

Stephen Vaughan...what a class act. Couldn't be bothered to even show up to those final meetings, to apologize, and to thank everybody whatever the final outcome. Stephen Vaughan...what an idiot.

RRRR said:

Sadly his goes back way beyond Stephen Vaughan (who at least initially appeared to be investing in the future of the club). His credentials (Barrow) were overlooked at the relief and desperation to get rid of the nightmare who was Terry Smith (who you may recall was also taking us down from the Conference to oblivion at the time. But hello, Smith himself was once seen as saviour following the Guterman era, with all of its iffy shenanigans (before he later resurfaced to at Wrexham, apparently to destroy them too). And yet, weren't we pleased to have him on board initially, heralding a new era after finally returning to the city (well, Deeside actually) and the Basic Lego Set no 2 Stadium (not the 15,000 seater promised by builders Morrisons) from Macclesfield exile, after the worst of them all - Barlow? - flogged off the ground, the land and the assets after he took over. 20 years of hurt, four dispicable owners with hidden agendas - bring back Reg Rowlands! Let's hope that the FIRST owners of a new club are the ONLY owners, if they really ARE the 'supporters' (in trust). What a pity the richest landowner and Brit, who owns most of the city ultimately, has never felt a desire to support his local team. Chester Grosvenor FC... hmmm.

dillbert100 said:

Oxford fan...........Dreadful day for Chester fans, it will be a long hard way back, but at least you are well rid of the Vaughans. Every fan in the country will be wishing you a speedy return to league football.

Lets hope that the Football Association will get their fingers out and try and sort out problems like this.

Norman Spencer said:

As a former programme editor my heart told me this day would never come although my head told me it was on it's way many years back. I will always have a special place for Chester City and the new club when it is formed and I truly believe that if it's left to the CFU and supporters this sad day will prove to be the start of better times for a club and supporters that deserve it.

ian thompson said:

this could be the best day ever for true football fans living in chester.
fc united of manchester member

John Howard Norfolk said:

I am very sorry indeed to find out about the club’s troubles. I first saw Chester play in the Fourth Division when they came to Watford in 1958. Previously the teams had been separated as the original third division was regional North and South.

It hardly seems fair that your club should fold for apparently such a small sum of money owed to the tax man. I don’t know anything about the rules being breached. Anyway, condolences from this Watford fan who has seen your team play down south a few times over the years. I hope you may rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes and “do a Wimbledon”

Good luck from this Watford fan

John Howard Norfolk

Roy Pierce said:

Why is anyone surprised about the Vaughns ? read about Vaughn Snr in the book "Cocky", the story of convicted drug dealer Curtis Warren.

simon said:

It was coming for a while sadly it was the junior footballers who were hurt first with the closure of the COE lets hope the administrator can prove the money intended for them was not going there?

Michael Randles said:

.....have been a supporter of Chester since the early seventies and can remember attendances at Sealand Road being low when Liverpool, Man U etc were playing at home. And it was always with amazement that the Duke of Westminster (perhaps I'm wrong!!) didn't or hasn't shown enough interest in a club that trounced Leeds, produced Ian Rush et al. Support your local team.


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