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Climate change talks

AFTER 20 years campaigning to raise awareness about climate change here is the question I wish I had asked Environment Secretary Ed Miliband when he addressed a packed meeting in Flint.

According to a recent UN report on climate change 300,000 people are dying every year because of increasingly severe weather events, food and water shortages and so forth caused by manmade climate change, and millions more suffering health effects.
As Britain led the world into the Industrial Revolution do you agree we should be the ones to take a moral lead out of it?

Yet how can we do that if your Government has decided that the freedom of British people to fly is apparently more important than the freedom of non-British people to live?"

A BEAUTY queen from Runcorn is to represent Cheshire in a pageant with an environmental twist.

Catriona Cameron, of Norton Village, has already scooped the title of Miss Cheshire 2009, which was awarded in April this year.


And now the 23-year-old student and model has fought off competition from thousands of other hopefuls for the chance to represent the county in the Miss Earth England North West finals.

Miss Earth aims to find four UK country winners to represent England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The corresponding titles for each part of the United Kingdom are Miss Air, Miss Water, Miss Fire and Miss Earth.

A SELF-PROCLAIMED activist from Winnington says he'll go to prison to make a stand over his belief that climate change is a hoax.

Daniel Whitton has refused to pay his council tax for the last six months - because of government proposals to introduce a 'carbon tax' in 2013.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has threatened him with legal action, but Daniel's refusing to back down.

Low Carbon: New study backs UN panel on ocean rise

By James Shepherd on Jul 28, 09 12:14 PM in News

The UN's climate panel has been backed over a key question as to how far global warming will drive up sea levels this century, a study published on Sunday says.

The UN experts are right that the oceans are unlikely to rise by an order of metres (many feet) by 2100, as some scientists have feared, it says.

But, its authors caution, low-lying countries and delta areas could still face potentially catastrophic flooding if the upper range of the new estimate proves right.

Ever ended up with a pile of soggy leaves and banana skins in the back garden or accidentally drowned all your worms? Kate Hodal finds out how to manage your bins, wormeries, or Bokashis with ease - and sit back and watch your garden grow from all that new delicious compost.


Drowning your worms, while also a serious notch against your karma, is just one of the things that can go wrong with home composting systems. Anyone who's ever tried to compost and ended up with nothing but soggy lettuce and banana skins, or a Bokashi bin that smells like Freddy Krueger's underwear, knows that being green isn't always easy.

TOYOTA, which has an engine plant on Deeside Industrial Park, has helped make maritime history by shipping its cars across the world on board a ship part- powered by solar energy.

The Auriga Leader docked in Long Beach, California, earlier this month with new Prius and other Toyota and Lexus models on board, destined for the North American market.
On its voyage from Japan, the ship was able to harness the power of the sun to reduce demand on its diesel engines.

Launched in Kobe, Japan, last December, the 60,000-tonne ship is 200m long and can carry 6,200 vehicles. Its performance contributes towards the aim of reducing its car carrier fleet energy consumption by 50% by 2010.

Prince Charles has got it wrong - we have less than 92 months to save the planet according to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.


Ed Miliband was in Flint last Friday addressing a public meeting on climate change writes Kevin Hughes. More than 40 people crammed into a room at Delyn MP David Hanson's constituency office in Chester Street, Flint, to hear the Doncaster North MP speak and answer questions from Flintshire people.

After being welcomed by Mr Hanson, Mr Miliband told the audience: "Prince Charles has it wrong we have less than the 92 months he has suggested. It is vital we take action now and reach lasting international agreements at the climate change summit in Copenhagen in December.

Fierce protests, emergency meetings and the hiring of legal teams are just some of the reactions to the prospect of wind farms becoming a permanent feature of country life in Cheshire. Ben Coulbeck reports.


THE Government's energy White Paper, published last week by energy secretary Ed Miliband, outlined the country's obligation to slash greenhouse gas emissions in bid to stave off the threat of climate change.

And, with the prospect of funding and support from central Government being made available, the momentum in debates is behind the wind farm developers.

At Rushton, near Tarporley, Cornwall Light and Power are planning to build three huge metal wind turbines on land at Oxheys Farm.

AN ENGINEER from Halton has launched a campaign to revolutionise energy efficiency and beat childhood obesity.


However, Prithvi Raj Datta, of Castlefields, Runcorn, said his Evergreen company needs at least £20,000 investment to launch the scheme.

The retired refrigeration engineer demonstrated a prototype electricity-generating bicycle prototype to the Weekly News at Express Laundry, his son's laundry business in Victoria Road, Widnes. He said he also intends to use hot air from the laundrette to produce power.

Mr Datta said schools could use the bikes to generate power and help obese children to lose weight. He said this would save school and NHS cash.

A FARMER near Whitchurch has created a groundbreaking agricultural system that could cool our cities in the new millennium.

Peter Aspin of The Hollies, Prees, has developed a system that conserves moisture and regulates land temperatures through agroforestry - using trees as part of an agricultural system.

The Hollies is a small farm with beef cattle and a few beef suckler cows.

It is home to many unusual tree species such as zelkovas, liquidambars, and gleditsias as well as more common species such as ash, elm and hazel. There are also several varieties of nut trees including walnuts, sweet chestnut, almonds, gingkoes, hickories and araucarias.

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