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NEARLY half of UK homes waste an average of £150 of heat through their roofs every year, because they don't have enough loft insulation.

But improving your insulation doesn't just knock down your energy bills and make your home cosier, many homeowners have found that clearing the loft can give their budget a boost as they turn unwanted items into cash from the attic.

CHESHIRE farmers will be given a unique insight into money-saving ideas, thanks to the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group.

The farm conservation advice group is hosting a free 'Energise Your Farm Business' demonstration event at The Orchards in Twemlow, Holmes Chapel on March 11 from 10.30am until 3.30pm.

LOCAL authorities must see cycling as a vital part of integrated transport planning for tackling congestion, climate change and obesity, according to a group of senior council officials.

A letter signed by 20 council chief executives and transport directors, including Steve Kent, director of environment, Chester West and Chester Council and Steve Robinson, the authority's chief executive, says local transport plans will be crucial to tackling such challenges just as budgets will come under severe pressure.

ZOOS worldwide have a responsibility to do their bit to combat climate change is the message coming out of Chester Zoo ahead of a special conference.

With 600 million people visiting zoos around the world each year, the potential to influence, educate and help make a difference should not be ignored, delegates at Chester Zoo's first climate change event will be told.

Homeowners who go green will get cash payments, the Government announced yesterday.

Low Carbon: Battery bins to recycle where they are sold

By James Shepherd on Feb 1, 10 10:50 AM in News

Batteries will have to be recycled into dedicated bins under new laws introduced from today.

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